Rothera Research Station - Antarctica

It's been another busy week at Four-tees Engineers Ltd with the Marine team successfully completing the assembly trials of the steel frames for Rothera Wharf, Antarctica.

Before work on the wharf can begin, which is to be constructed for the berthing of the new Antarctic research vessel RRS Sir David Attenborough, there is the matter of transporting 4,500 tonnes of materials and plant to Antarctica.

A full-scale assembly of the wharf’s steel frames, which form the skeleton of the structure, was rehearsed in Southampton in September 2018 before the shipment departed.

Four-Tees Engineers prefabricated the frames which comprise of pin jointed, flatpacked modular constructions, to ensure that everything can fit on a single ship.

Each of the front frames weigh in at just over 40 tonnes each. Trials proved that the lifting jigs performed as designed and gave the BAM Nuttall Ltd installation team a valuable insight into what faces them in the Antarctic.
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